US News Lists 'Best' Diets for 2014

This is the most popular time of year to start a new diet, but with so many plans on the market, how can you tell which ones might be right for you?

U.S. News and World Report has broken down what it calls the best diets of 2014.

"We have everything from the best diets overall, to the best weight-loss diets to the best diets for heart health and diabetes," senior editor Angela Haupt said.

U.S. News evaluated 32 of the most popular diets for its list, according to the publication's website.

For the fourth consecutive year, the DASH Diet tops the list as the best overall diet. It focuses on portion control and balance when it comes to proteins and carbs.

In second place for best overall diet was the TLC (Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes) Diet, a low-fat regimen. The two-part Mayo Clinic Diet, the Mediterranean Diet, focusing on fish, fruit and vegetables, and the points-based Weight Watchers plan tied for third place.

The magazine also ranked diets by individual category, including Best Diabetes Diet, Best Heart-Healthy Diet and Easiest Diet to Follow.

U.S. News also compared all the diets in terms of their short- and long-term weight loss, nutrition and safety, as well as ease of use, nutrition, diabetes and heart health.

Among the plans evaluated were the Flat Belly Diet, Ornish Diet, Biggest Loser Diet, South Beach Diet, Jenny Craig and the Paleo Diet.