Amazing Superfoods Infographic Will Surprise You

An interactive graphic compares the supposed health benefits of popular superfoods. (Credit:

Pity the lowly beetroot juice. It may have "potential" for helping people with exercise endurance but according to the "Snake oil or Superfood" infographic it remains low in popularity, only beating elk deer velvet.

The infographic designed by data journalist David McCandless breaks down all kinds of favorite superfoods on a scale from strong evidence to no evidence of health benefits.

Leading the top proven superfoods are olive oil, garlic and barley. They may be proven to help with cardiovascular health, blood pressure and cholesterol independently but they may not make the best meal.

Fortunately a host of other favorite foods are listed; click through and you can find the related to study to see just how helpful peppermint oil is for soothing irritable bowel syndrome.

Beetroot juice, in spite of its health benefits, in popularity it remains on par with Cordyceps Sinensis, a moth fungus that can help with kidney health.

At least beetroot juice is easier to ask for.

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