'Greetings, Chubby Human': Weight-Loss App Shames Users

ABC News' Abbie Boudreau, Amanda Keegan, Derick Yanehiro and Alison Kenworthy report:

It's that terrifying moment of truth: stepping on the scale and realizing that the voice in your head… is real? Meet Carrot Fit, what some are calling a fat-shaming app that's supposed to help you lose weight using insults as motivation.

Carrot Fit measures body mass index and weight fluctuations, but if you pack on the pounds, you'll pay for it. Insults like, "Greetings, chubby human," "Smile, meatbag" and "Prepare yourself to be judged" are just a few of the sayings the app employs.

"I think having more of a tough love approach that's sort of sarcastic and sassy, I think people really respond to that and it motivates them more than that traditional feel-good approach," founder Brian Mueller said on "Good Morning America."

But others aren't so convinced. Celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak called the app "annoying. I think it's everything we already have too much of. We have too many reality shows on TV of people screaming and yelling at us to lose weight," he said.

Twitter user @Aileen_Schaefer agreed, tweeting, "If that angle works for the person using it, then so be it, but I find it off putting. There are so many other positive approaches."

Medical expert Dr. Jennifer Ashton weighed in on "Good Morning America," saying, "What you're talking about is positive reinforcement and punishment and what works better. Data goes on the side of positive reinforcement working better-catching more flies with honey-but at the end of the day it's whatever works."

If you don't mind being ridiculed, Carrot Fit may just be the perfect fit.