Ill-Advised School Flier Counsels Kids Not to Rat Out Bullies

A Nebraska elementary school has apologized for passing out a flier containing nine questionable rules for dealing with bullies.

Rule No. 7 is "Do not tell on bullies."

Josh Mehlin, a parent who has children in the Lincoln Public School District, told that the letter did not go home to all Zeman Elementary School students - only some fifth-graders - but it quickly spread as flabbergasted parents started sending it to each other.

"I was horrified," Mehlin said. "I called the school and said, 'Is this for real or is this kind of an Internet thing?' They said, 'This is for real. We sent this out.'"

When he called the district office, however. administrators said they'd never heard of it. So believes it may have originated with just one educator, Mehlin said.

The district has since issued an apology, explaining in a public statement on its Facebook page that the flier contained "inaccurate information."

"The flier was sent home with good intentions, unfortunately, it contained advice that did not accurately reflect LPS best practices regarding response to bullying incidents," a letter that went home to parents reads.

The school has now created a new flier, which is posted on its website, concluding, "Asking for help is not ratting!"

A Nebraska elementary school sent these rules for dealing with bullies out to some fifth graders. (Credit: Courtesy Josh Mehlin)