New 'Internal Bra' Promises Permanent Push-Up

The Orbishape loops under the breasts and anchors into the rib cage. Photo credit: Orbix Medical.

A new breast lift procedure acts like an implanted push-up bra for women undergoing breast lift or breast reduction surgery.

The Orbishape system is like a sling for breast tissue that gets surgically tethered to the rib cage by silicone threads and titanium screws.

"Think of it as a hammock that sits underneath your breast to keep it supported, or like the bottom part of an underwire bra," said Yossi Mazel, the chief operating officer of Orbix Medical, a medical device company based in Tel Aviv, Israel.

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Mazel said that traditional breast lifts often begin to sag within months, but the Orbishape helps preserve the results of surgery by providing additional support. In trials, breasts remained perky for at least five years, he said, adding that the implant isn't intended to be a stand alone procedure.

The "internal bra" also helps patients heal faster and reduces the appearance of surgery scars, Mazel said. It doesn't interfere with mammograms.

The new device, which is approved for use in some European countries, will undergo review by the Food and Drug Administration for use in the U.S. sometime later this year, Mazel said. The cost of the device, if approved, is unclear, but insurance companies might pick up the tab for breast cancer patients undergoing reconstructive surgery.