University of Maryland New Football Uniforms Draw Mixed Reviews

While rarely touted as fashion forward, college football has taken the style spotlight for a potential faux pas this season.

The University of Maryland’s Terrapins took the field Monday night against the University of Miami in new garb: white Under Armor pants and a top with shoulder pads and helmets split down the center, each side reflecting half of the university’s logo.

Image credit: Rob Carr/Getty Images


Maryland won the game but could not avoid scorn in the blogosphere for the clash of gold, black, red and white that adorned its uniforms.

ESPN’s Paul Lukas called the Terrapins “bonkers.”

“The good news: No team can possibly go further around the bend than this,” he wrote. “The bad news: Sure they can.”

Former Redskins defensive end Phillip Daniels — who played for the University of Georgia back in the day — panned then flayed the team’s fashion on Twitter, capping off several disparaging Tweets with:  “Afraid to go to sleep. #Terps uniforms might get me. #Scary”

But as is often the case, popular opinion flies in the face of the media. In an online Washington Post poll posted after the game, 47 percent of viewers voted  in favor of the change saying:  “It’s a look no one else has.”

That’s for sure.