Intrepid Twin’s Great Crib Escape Caught on Camera

Why would you want to stay in your crib for a nap when all the fun is happening outside?

Why would you want to suffer the bumps, bruises and falls of a crib escape when you can just stay put and watch?

Such was the dilemma facing twin brothers.  And it was all caught on tape.

The twin brothers were in the crib together for a nap when one twin, Dayne, decided to make a great escape.

Dayne climbs up and over his crib while his brother remains on the lookout, and appears to wonder what exactly his lookalike is doing, and why.

Dayne lands with a thud but, unfazed, and with the resiliency only a toddler trying to evade nap time could have, bounces  up and toddles away.

The twins’ mom said she set up a video camera in the twins’ bedroom closet because she could not figure out how Dayne was making his great escape time and time again.

Sure enough, after the mom, identified on YouTube as  TheMomof6boys,  puts Dayne back in the crib with his brother, he repeats his Houdini-like escape once again.  And his twin continues to watch.

On this second try though, Dayne nearly sticks his landing, and heads straight for the camera that just captured how he did it all.

Next up, perhaps, twin toddler beds.  Or at least one twin toddler bed, for the one twin anxious to move on.