Now on Tap: Beer Chocolates and Candy Marketed to Men

Beer & Pretzel Marshmallows, sold by Truffle Truffle, are shown. Courtesy

While I think most men would agree that nothing could replace an ice cold beer, chocolate makers have attempted to create a substitution.  Beer and pretzel truffles, stout caramel bars, and beer-infused marshmallows have entered the market, hoping to catch the eye of interested and hungry manly men.

Chocolate has long been advertised as the guilty pleasure of women, with brands like Dove and Bliss marketed exclusively to women looking for something to satisfy their chocolate fix.  Men don't usually buy chocolate for themselves, instead, "Men buy chocolate for women because they're in the doghouse," said Marcia Mogelonsky, a global food analyst for Mintel, to the Wall Street Journal.  (Nothing says I'm sorry like a bouquet of flowers and chocolate.)

Beer-flavored chocolates are the chocolate industry's next step in trying to appeal to men, though they also appeal to women.  Not only do women love the combination of salty and sweet treats, they are also giving them as gifts to beer enthusiasts for Father's Day and the Superbowl.

This isn't the first time that chocolate and candy makers have turned to booze.  Champagne and port are a few other flavors that have entered the world of chocolate.

Interested in trying a few of these creations?  Check out the sites below and see if you can turn the men in your life into a chocoholics.

Truffle Truffle has a Beer and Pretzel collection.

HopDrops are a beer candy made with hop oil.

This Vosges gift set includes bacon chocolate and a bottle of beer.