Tim Gunn: Throw Away This Unflattering Piece of Clothing

What's the one item of clothing that style guru Tim Gunn thinks should be exiled from your closet?

The cargo Capri pant.

"It is the single most unflattering item of apparel in fashion history," says Gunn, who is the resident style expert on the new ABC show, " The Revolution," which debuts Jan. 16. "Cargo Capri pants look like a teenage boy's pair of shorts. These are a fashion no-no. I'd like to say get them away or take them somewhere where they can be recycled, they're too horrible. Use them to wash your floors."

Gunn says the Capri-style visually cuts off your legs, making you look shorter, and then the pockets add unwanted bulk, making you look wider. All-in-all, a major fashion don't!

Instead, opt for pants that come all the way down to your shoes for a longer, leaner look. Try a good pair of jeans in a dark wash or a nice dress pant, Gunn suggests.

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