Top Mommy Blogger Separates From Husband

Heather Armstrong, the mommy blogger who gained millions of followers for her irreverent observations on parenthood, announced in her blog she is separating from her husband.

"The only way out of my unhappiness was  to take myself out of it," Armstrong wrote on It was a post  many of her readers didn't see coming.

Armstrong did not share a reason for the split, but her husband Jon shed some light on it in a post on his own blog, Blurbomat.

"Living with someone with depression and anxiety means some gymnastics for any partner," Jon wrote, but he pointed out that his wife's battle with depression, which she has frequently chronicled, was not the sole source of their split.

"I am plenty to blame for this state of things," he wrote.

Heather Armstrong did not return a message from Jon Armstrong said he would prefer to not  say anymore publicly and would defer to his wife.

The couple has two children, Leta,7, and Marlo, 2.

Armstrong created in 2001 and was famously fired from her design job in 2002 for mocking her manager's post-Botox lips.

"She would return from her Botox appointments unable to move her lips, and it just begged to be written about," Armstrong told "Nightline" in 2008.

The site began to take off after Heather and Jon eloped and had their first child, Leta.

Since then, Dooce has turned the Armstrongs into a mini-media empire, earning approximately $40,000 in advertising revenue each month.

"I have gotten so much feedback from people. Because of you, I finally admitted I can't get through this myself and I sought help,"  Armstrong told "Nightline" of how sharing with her readers helped her get through her postpartum depression. "That's why I do this, and I can die happy."