Chicken Wing Cupcakes: Latest Super Bowl Gluttony


Planning a Super Bowl party this weekend but finding that, between desserts and appetizers, you have too many items on your party menu?

A New York bakery has the solution for you:  throw the dessert and the appetizer into one special treat for your fellow football fanatics.

It's the Chicken Wing Cupcake, and it's become a customer favorite at the Coccadotts Cake Shop in upstate New York, just outside Albany.

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The cupcake itself is made of cornbread then topped with bleu cheese frosting and accented by an actual chicken wing on top.

The flavor boundary-bending concoction is the brainchild of the bakery's owner, Rachel Coca-Dott, who opened the store five years ago.

"I was thinking I didn't want to go with our typical chocolate or vanilla cupcake," she told today.  "I was thinking what's the biggest favorite at our house for the Super Bowl, and the chicken wing came to mind."

"I tried like five different attempts to get the cupcake right and was pretty ready to throw in the flag at that time, but the last attempt was a success," she said.  "It was just a little tweak of the recipe."

Americans are expected to consume 1.25 billion wings Super Bowl weekend, or four for every man, woman and child in the U.S., according to the Wall Street Journal, proving Coca-Dott was on to something indeed.

The cupcakes have been a hit since their debut on the menu Monday night, even though, at $3.50, they're a dollar higher than the bakery's usual $2.50 cupcake price.

"People are coming in droves. They're pre-ordering. We're getting calls from all over the United States for the cupcakes," said Coca-Dott.

The bakery is also taking orders for the concoction on its Facebook page but the chicken wing flurry hit too soon for its planned expansion into shipping, which won't launch for another 30 days.

The chicken wing cupcakes are so popular they're even topping treats dedicated to the bakery's home state team.

The New York Giants will face the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl this Sunday, but the chicken wings are outselling the Giants-themed cookies, cakes and cupcakes the bakery also created especially for  this Sunday's game.

"Right now the chicken wings are all the hype," Coca-Dott said.  "Most people are taking off the drumstick and swirling it in the blue cheese icing and then eating the cupcake.  It's a real savory kind of dessert."

While the cupcakes have put her bakery in the national spotlight, Coca-Dott says they'll likely be a one-hit wonder.

"Maybe by special request," she said, when asked if customers could still get their fill of cupcakes and chicken wings after the game.