Burger King: Free French Fries For St. Patrick's Day

                                                                                                        (Image credit: Burger King)

Beyond the pints of Guinness and corned beef and cabbage, folks have something else to eat while celebrating St. Patrick's Day.  This weekend, Burger King is offering free french fries and green sauce to customers who visit any of its locations.

The green sauce is called "St. Paddy's Sauce" and has the same consistency of ketchup.  "We're especially excited to have teamed up with Heinz, makers of America's Favorite Ketchup, to offer a fun and festive green dipping sauce on the side," said Alex Macedo, senior vice president of North America marketing in a statement.

"The tomato-based condiment is made using ingredients similar to those used in Heinz Ketchup, with the addition of food colorants to give the sauce its fun and festive green color.  Heinz produced approximately 7 million packets of the festive green condiment for the St. Paddy's Day promotion at Burger King," said Heinz spokesperson Jessica Jackson.

This isn't the first time that Burger King has offered free fries - the company had "Free Fries Friday" on December 16.  Other companies have also celebrated free food days, as IHOP celebrated National Pancake Day with a free stack of pancakes.