Sloth Photobomb: Furry Friend Creeps Into Picture

                                                                  Image credit: Caters News Agency

A group of students was posing for a photo in Costa Rica when a sloth came slinking in, front and center.

The students were traveling with International Student Volunteers, an organization of volunteers from around the world, cutting paths through thick forest when they stopped to take a group photo.

But a very different moment was captured - the baby sloth stealing the show.

Manuel Ramirez, who led the group, was the man behind the lens when the sloth made his move.

"There was a big group of us helping cut paths in the jungle. I thought it would be nice to take a group shot," Ramirez told the Huffington Post.

"As I looked through the camera lens I could see something creeping in to the frame…When I realized it was a baby sloth I clicked the button as fast as I could, not that he was going anywhere fast "

And it's a moment he'll never forget.

"I'm glad we saw the sloth that day as he made us laugh when we were very tired," he said. "Now we can share this moment with all our friends."