TSA Modifies Screening Procedures for Elderly

                                                                                 (Image credit: John Moore/Getty Images)


The Transportation Security Administration is hoping to give travelers over the age of 75 a more hands-off experience as they pass through airport security.

As part of a pilot program, passengers over age 75 will be allowed to go through what the TSA describes as a modified screening procedure.    It means that in many cases they will be allowed to leave their shoes on and take multiple passes through screening machines to reduce the need for pat-downs.   For now there will only be one checkpoint at each of the four test airports as the agency vets the program.

The pilot program will begin next week at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport, Denver International, Orlando International and Portland International.

The TSA has come under criticism in the past for its treatment of elderly passengers.   The pilot program is very similar to the change the TSA made for those 12 and under and is part of the broader change at the agency towards a more risk-based approach.