KFC Japan's New Bar Serves Chicken and Whiskey

                                                                                                                        (Image credit: KFC)

A new KFC restaurant in Japan has given fast food a boozy boost with a fully-stocked bar featuring whiskey cocktails.

Located in Tokyo, the three-story restaurant opened Wednesday and is the company's first location to include a bar.  The first two floors of the restaurant feature an original KFC while the top floor functions as a bar after 5 p.m.

                                                                                                                        (Image credit: KFC)

Called KFC Route 25, the bar is named after U.S. Route 25, which runs in front of the original Sanders Cafe in Kentucky.

The KFC Japan  website notes that it aimed for a "good-old USA" approach with a casual and welcoming feel.

KFC Route 25's menu features classic items like the original recipe chicken and crispy strips in addition to pizza and pasta.  New items include a pizza with six kinds of cheese and maple syrup and a dessert menu that includes tiramisu and cream puffs.

The drink menu features a variety of typical bar options like tequila, rum and vodka.  Specialty cocktails include the Early Times High Ball or Mint Sparkle, which gives nod to the Mint Julep and the restaurant's Kentucky origins.