National Grilled Cheese Day Recipes

                                                                       (Image Credit: Getty Images)

Is there anything more delicious than melted cheese between two slices of buttery toast?  We think not.  This simple comfort food evokes childhood memories every time we take a cheesy bite.

In honor of National Grilled Cheese Day, we've found some of our favorite grilled cheese sandwiches across the country that offer an unexpected twist on the classic.  Try one of these new sandwiches or make the original recipe.

1.   Melt Shop   Just reading about this New York City sandwich has us drooling.  The combination of gruyere, goat cheese and fontina with roasted tomatoes and sour dough is like the sophisticated adult version of grilled cheese and tomato soup.

2.  The American Grilled Cheese Kitchen in San Francisco has a gooey grilled cheese that will make you swoon.  The jalapeno popper, stuffed with chevre, monterey jack and applewood-smoked bacon, has a sweet and spicy apricot-jalapeno relish so good it might be better than the original.

3.  Grahamwich in Chicago makes a fantastic sandwich with Wisconsin cheddar, tomato marmalade, cheese curds and cracked pepper on a pullman loaf.  When the sandwich is served, the cheese oozes onto the plate in a way that will have you seriously considering seconds.

4.  Roxy's Gourmet Grilled Cheese in Boston is a food truck that has grilled cheese for lunch or dessert.  Try the savory Mighty Rib Melt with braised short ribs, fontina and caramelized onions or the grilled cheesecake sandwiched between two buttery slices of pound cake.  There's something here for everyone.

5.  Grilligan's in Tampa offers diners the option to build their own grilled cheese.  Choose your bread, like pumpernickel or rye, and then select from over seven types of cheese including some vegan varieties.  Add veggies and meat to finish your customized creation.