Textspresso Machine Takes Text Message Coffee Orders

                                                                                                                    (Image credit: KOMO)

If you think waiting for your coffee to brew is a total waste of time, employees at the Seattle-based company Zipwhip would agree.  After 20 days and several thousand dollars, they created an espresso machine that takes orders via text message.

The start-up tech company's CEO, John Lauer, noticed how often employees visited local Starbucks and wanted to offer a more convenient solution.  "We really do drink a lot of coffee here," he told  KOMO news.

After sending the machine a text machine with a word like "double" or "latte" the machine grabs a cup, grinds the beans and brews the drink.  To avoid confusion between orders from several dozen employees, edible ink customizes each cup.  The machine is comprised of over 300 parts that are stored in an Ikea cabinet.

Despite its popularity, Zipwhip isn't looking to produce more machines in the future.  Instead, the company will focus on their app which allows users to receive text messages from their cell phone onto their computer.

Zipwhip will share the textspresso plans in the next few weeks for those coffee fanatics hoping to build a machine for themselves.