Your Fourth Wife Flies Free on Kulula Airlines

Image from Kulula Airlines' Facebook page.

Call them the Spirit Airlines of South Africa.

Kulula Airlines is known for its quirky promotions, and the latest doesn't disappoint. Until April 30, the airline, according to its Facebook page, is offering a special that flies a man's fourth wife for free.

The ad reads: " . . . not only will you get a great deal on flights for your first three wives, but your fourth wife will fly free, mahala, on the house."

South Africa's president Jacob Zuma married his fourth wife over the weekend and the "deal" appears to be playing on that event. Zuma is even tagged on the airline's Facebook page.

The page reads, "Inspired by regular VIP travelers with sizeable spousal entourages, the offer is open to all fourth wives when the family travels together on the Jo'burg to Cape Town route. "

But what would an airline sale be without some fine print? Here it is:

- "The offer is valid on Joburg to Cape Town route from Monday 23rd April 'til April 30th - "The family must have already bought a ticket for all wives and husband - "Simply present ticket and proof of marriage and ID at kulula counter before departure - "A refund will then be made on the fourth wife's ticket. - "Happy happy."

It's not the first time the airline has pulled an attention-getting stunt. In 2010, Kulula branded a plane "Flying 101? and painted the exterior to outline various parts of the plane including the "Black Box (which is actually orange)" and "The Big Cheese," showing where the captain is seated.

Is the promotion real or just in fun? Either way, it will likely achieve its goal: Getting lots of attention.