A Carry-On Will Cost as Much as $100 on Spirit

Spirit Airlines is at it again. Almost two years after becoming the first U.S. carrier to charge for carry-on bags, the airline is more than doubling that fee for certain passengers.

Starting Nov. 6, passengers who wait until they arrive at the gate to pay for their carry-on will pay $100 each way, according to the airline's web site. The current price is $45.

The new fee applies to both domestic and international flights.

Passengers who plan ahead can save significantly. A carry-on bag that's paid for at booking will cost $35 (up from $30) and a carry-on paid for during online check in will cost $40 (up from $35).

There are fluctuations in some of the airline's other fees, as well. Click here for a complete breakdown of Spirit Airline's fees. 

A carry-on is defined as any bag that needs to go in the overhead bin. Small items that can fit under the seat in front of you are free of charge.

The fee increase is sure to cause controversy, but Spirit's no stranger to that.  In April 2012, the airline had to pull an ad for flights to Colombia that spoofed the Secret Service prostitution scandal called, "More Bang for Your Buck."

Being the carrier known for fees is paying off for Spirit. In the first quarter of 2012 financial results reported Tuesday, the airline announced its total operating revenue was $301.5 million, an increase of $68.8 million, or 29.6 percent, compared to first quarter of 2011.

Spirit is one of two domestic carriers that charge for carry-on bags. The other is Allegiant Air, which instituted a fee last month. On that carrier, a carry-on costs as much as $35.