Adorable Corgi Starts House Fire (VIDEO)

The Pet Collective wanted to kick of its new YouTube series, "Pet Sense," with a bang - not a full-blown explosion. But that's what happened when producers went to visit Yogi, a corgi, who likes to attack household cleaning supplies.

The web show sends animal communicators to pets who need help working through their odd issues. Yogi's owner Hali Hudson showed producers what happens when she opens the cupboard under the sink where the cleaning products are stored. As soon as she opened the doors, Yogi charged into the cabinet and grabbed a can of spray paint.

Yogi punctured the can and paint started spraying everywhere, covering Yogi and the white kitchen.

Hudson rushed the dog to the bathroom to wash him off and just as she thought things couldn't get any worse, the pilot light on the stove ignited the fumes from the spray paint and the can exploded, setting the kitchen on fire.

"I heard the explosion and I felt it. It was like an earthquake and a bomb," Hudson said in another video on the Pet Collective's YouTube channel.  "If Yogi was still standing in that kitchen when that bomb exploded, he would have gone up in flames because he was covered in that paint."

Thankfully, the fire was contained and everyone, including Yogi, emerged unharmed.

"I don't even think [Yogi] was aware that he set my kitchen on fire," Hudson said.

Hudson learned her lesson. She doesn't keep spray paint - or even cleaning supplies - under the sink anymore at all. Yogi still dives into the cabinet every time its opened. Old habits die hard.