Baby's Zebra Hoodie Attracts Hungry Lion at Oregon Zoo

When Heather Baltzor got her 13-month-old son, Jack, ready for his first trip to the Oregon Zoo in Portland, she thought nothing of dressing him in a black-and-white striped hoodie.

It was only after a video of a hungry lion aggressively trying to paw at her son through a glass-paned wall went viral that she realized perhaps a hoodie that made her son look  like a zebra was not the best zoo attire.

"Not until after we got home and put the video on Facebook," Baltzor said today on " Good Morning America," of when she realized the buzz created by her fashion choice for her son.  "We just thought it was hilarious."

Baltzor, from Bend, Ore., told "GMA" that the lion, identified by the zoo as the lioness Kya, singled out her son right away.

"The lions were just laying far away on their hill and there were other kids up there but when we put Jack up there she immediately got interested and very curious and came over," Baltzor said.  "I think it was definitely the hoodie."

"She must have thought he looked very tasty," she said.

The video, shot by the family, shows the lion scratching, clawing and lunging at Jack  but never leaving a mark on him, thanks only to the thick glass separating the captive lions from curious onlookers.

"He [Jack] loves kitties, so he was waving and saying, 'Hi kitty kitty…,'" said Baltzor.  "We weren't scared at all."