Chew On This: It's National Taffy Day

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According to the National Confectioner's Association, sticky saltwater taffy is believed to have originated in Atlantic City, N.J., in the 1800's.  Shop-owner David Bradley's stock of taffy was flooded with saltwater during a storm.  A girl walked in to buy the taffy, Bradley jokingly nicknamed it "salt water taffy" and the name stuck.  Surprisingly, very few saltwater taffy recipes actually call for salt.

RECIPE: Saltwater Taffy

Here are some of the best places to get the sweet confections:

1.  Sweet Candy Company's Gourmet Taffy $4.99/box  Flavors like buttered popcorn, cotton candy and red licorice are included in their State Fair box.

2. Fralinger's Original Saltwater Taffy $8.99/box This company is credited with being one of the original companies that started selling saltwater taffy in Atlantic City.

3. James' Beach Bucket of Saltwater Taffy $12.49/bucket  This Atlantic City company features flavors like coconut, lime and peanut in a signature beach bucket.

4.  Trolley Taffy Station $9.25/pound Each piece of this Salt Lake City, Utah taffy is wrapped by hand.  Flavors include pina colada, chocolate moose and yummy rum.

5.  Haven's Maine Salt Water Taffy $7.95/box Flavors like molasses peanut butter, butterscotch and strawberry cheesecake make this Maine taffy difficult to resist.