'Are We There Yet?' Survey Reveals How Many Times Kids Ask

Cat Gwynn/Getty Images

"Are we there yet?" It's the age-old question asked by kids on family vacations everywhere.

But while it can seem like the children ask it hundreds of times during the course of a family vacation, it's actually far fewer, according to a new survey.

The question is asked an average of nine times on a seven-day family vacation, according to Cambria Suites, a hotel chain. For parents of kids six and younger, however, you can expect to be asked the dreaded question 13 times.

The survey revealed a few other family vacation tidbits. While most respondents (65 percent) view their family vacation experiences as positive, for instance, parents come home exhausted. One in four reported needing a vacation after returning from their vacation.

Certainly, some kinds of trips are going to leave parents more rested than others. For example, while Walt Disney World is the quintessential family vacation, many moms and dads come home wiped out. (ABC News is a unit of the Walt Disney Co.)

If your goal is to come back rested, a Disney cruise might be the better bet. It's a similar experience, but know that you'll likely spend less time together as a family (hence, the reason you will also likely come home better rested).

Here are four other family vacation ideas to consider when rest for all is the ultimate goal:

All-inclusive resorts: Because everything - meals, drink, entertainment, tips and more - are included in the price, there's very little incentive to leave your resort. That means less schlepping the kids in and out of the car, waiting in line at theme parks and figuring out where to eat every night. You basically unpack your bags, put the wallet away and enjoy.

Cruises: We touched on Disney Cruises above, but cruises in general provide a little something for everyone, including downtime for adults. Families love Royal Caribbean for their on-board innovations (think surfing, rock-climbing and zip-lines) and Carnival for their commitment to fun. An added bonus is that you typically visit several ports on one trip, but only have to unpack once.

Fantasy Camp at Atlantis Resorts : These multiday camps at Atlantis Paradise Island, Bahamas, run all summer long and themes range from a Lego building camp to cheerleading camp, to Miss Teen USA camp and several more. Some run from early morning to late at night, others have shorter hours. With the kids occupied all day long, parents can R&R at the pool and beach.

Resorts renowned for kids' clubs: Any resort trying to attract families has a kids' club. Some are free, some come with a daily charge, and none are created equal. The best kids clubs are more than a pastel-painted, windowless room with a few blocks and bored-looking teens in charge. Kids' clubs that are well-regarded and free of charge are the best option, so kids' can come and go as they (and their parents) please without worrying about the extra cost. Four Seasons' "Kids for All Seasons" program is well-regarded and included in the price of your stay.