Israeli Ice Cream Shop Serves Hummus Ice Cream

(Image credit: The Hummus Blog)

Hummus, the savory Middle Eastern spread made from chickpeas, isn't just for dipping anymore. An ice cream shop in Jaffa, Israel, is now serving hummus ice cream to patrons looking for something a little different.

Italian ice cream shop La Genda created the flavor with ground chickpeas, tahini, vanilla, sugar and stabilizers.

"I am a hummus freak. I always thought that one day we should make ice cream out of hummus, and after many experiments, we checked the right temperature, the right kind of grains, and achieved the perfect product," said owner Michael Mina to an Israeli television station.

Ice cream maker Boris Schwartz said the flavor has the familiar taste of hummus but that "it is a little sweeter than usual."

"It is a little strange, not for everyone, it's for people who like special things," said Schwartz.

One taste tester wrote, "It is supposed to have some chickpeas and olive oil in it as well, but it actually tastes the most like lemony Halva (halva is made from tahini and honey or sugar(sic))."

Afraid to try the dip-inspired treat? The chain offers over thirty flavors for patrons trying to beat the heat.

"We have prepared a few other kinds of ice cream, an avocado ice cream, and two weeks ago tried garlic ice cream. We are trying to renew ourselves," said Schwartz.