Partial Refund ff==ly Next to Corpse

A woman who was forced to sit next to a deceased man for several hours on a Kenya Airways flight from Amsterdam to Tanzania has been given a partial refund by the airline. And apparently, that suits her just fine.

The Australian, citing an article in the Swedish tabloid Expressen, reported Lena Pettersson, a journalist, boarded the flight and noticed a man sweating and having seizures. Despite this, the plane took off and the man died during the overnight flight.

The cabin crew reportedly laid the body across three seats and covered him, "but left his legs and feet sticking out." With no where else for her to sit, Pettersson was forced to sit across the aisle from the deceased man for the rest of the flight.

"Of course it was unpleasant, but I am not a person who makes a fuss," the paper quotes Pettersson as saying.

She complained to the airline and was compensated with a refund for half the price of her flight.

A woman who found maggots in her in-flight snack on a Qantas flight was also offered half the cost of her airfare, plus access to the club lounge on her next Qantas flight.