7-Eleven Vending Machines Now Serve Mashed Potatoes

(Image credit: theclearlydope.tumblr.com)

7-Eleven convenience stores are now serving up something other than slushies at their locations. After celebrating their 85th birthday on July 11, images and videos of their new mashed potato machine, that looks like a slurpee machine, has been making its way around the web.

Created by Maggi, a company that sells powdered mashed potatoes, the machine mixes the powdered potatoes with hot water.

Click here to see a video of the machine

The automated machine doesn't replace the consistency and taste of real mashed potatoes but it does save a considerable amount of time. (No more peeling, boiling and mashing.) First, you place a cup under the machine's nozzle. Press the "mashed potato" button and the liquid-like potatoes pour into the cup. Once the machine is done with the potatoes, two seconds later gravy is poured on top. BBQ-flavored mashed potatoes are another button that you can select.

The machines are in stores overseas and are especially popular in Singapore. One cup of the mashed potatoes costs $1.00.