Cabbie Wants Olympic Tourists to Be Asleep at the Wheel

A London cab driver, worried about how traffic might hurt his business during the 2012 Olympics, has decided to become a hotelier, at least for the short term.

David Weekes has transformed his traditional black London taxi into a single bed, complete with a Union Jack blanket. The cost of sleeping in a cab? 50 pounds ( about $78).

He said cab drivers aren't sure if they're going to be earning any money during the Olympics, partially because of road closures. Hundreds of London taxi drivers blocked a major intersection earlier this week to protest the lane exclusions.

Weekes decided to get creative.

"So many hotel rooms are charging an extraordinary prices for a room for a night, " he said. "And I thought, well, why not rent out my cab for a night?"

He hasn't had any bookings yet, but there's still a week to go. Weekes plans to add curtains and a solar-powered fridge before the games.

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