Create a Potato Chip Flavor, Win $1 Milllion

(Image credit: Getty Images)

Think you have taste buds worth $1 million? Lays will announce a new flavor contest tomorrow that offers the winner $1 million or 1 percent of the chip's net sales for 2013.

Facebook votes will determine the ultimate potato chip champion. The company will select three finalists. Instead of hitting a "Like" button, users will hit a "I'd Eat That" button to cast their vote.

Ram Krishnan, vice president of marketing at Frito-Lay told USA Today, "I fully expect this to get us into a different flavor category."

The company ran a similar contest in Spain that a 21-year-old student won with his Spanish-tapas inspired chip. The chip, flavored to taste like prawns, garlic and peppers, won the student 20,000 euros ($25,000) and 1 percent of the chip's sales for 2012. Lays also held similar contests around the world in Australia, Poland and Egypt.

Companies including Ben & Jerry's and Baskin-Robbins have done flavor contests in the past.