Summer Toy Ideas to Keep Kids Active

It's mid-summer and keeping kids active and engaged can be a challenge. Toy Insider mom Laurie Schacht has expert advice on what to do with the following products.

Sag Harbor Tent (Pacific Tents) • This is the ultimate Sag Harbor experience. • Big enough for the whole neighborhood, kids can play with all of their toys and stuffed animals with plenty of room left to move. With this unique circular design, tent fits in your house or be used outdoors. • Easy to assemble and easy to clean. • Fun for the whole family. • No batteries, or videos, just hours of great imaginative fun play time. • Ages: 3+ • MSRP: $129

Aqua Buddies (Poof Slinky) • Here's an assortment of buddies you can play in the water with…dip in water and throw! • These are great for the beach and the pool • Easy to clean • Ages: 3+ • MSRP: $9.50

Water Resistant Portable Speakers ( iHome|Disney's) • Perfect for a picnic, barbeque or pool party, even a day at the beach • Protects your MP3 player in the zippered case • Play music for everyone to enjoy • MSRP: $39.99

Break Open Real Geodes Ultimate Science Kit (Discover with Dr. Cool) • The geodes in this kit are millions of years old and were formed when prehistoric volcanoes erupted. • Break open these real geodes to discover the incredible crystal formations hidden inside! • The ultimate kit includes 15 geodes from 3 different mines to experience variety of crystal formations which could include: quartz, fluorite, calcite, or even amethyst. Geodes are an amazing natural phenomenon, and cracking them open is a thrill for all ages! • The kit also includes safety goggles, a full-color information guide and booklet with 10 fun activities! • This is an outdoor activity!! • Age: 6+ • MSRP: Geodes - $29.95 Basic Geode Kit, (contains 6 real geodes and safety glasses), $49.95 Ultimate Geode Kit (contains 15 real geodes and safety glasses)

GREEN TOYS BUILD-A-BOUQUET (Green Toys) • Talk about flower power! • Budding florists can create countless floral arrangements while saving energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. • Made in the USA from 100% recycled plastic milk jugs, this brightly colored 44 piece set includes 4 bases, 16 stem and leaf pieces, and 24 flower pieces. • The vibrant lilies, petunias, and daisies stack interchangeably in the assorted stems for limitless fun that blossoms in all seasons. • This garden is as safe and fun, with no BPA, phthalates, PVC or external coatings. Packaged using recycled and recyclable materials and printed with soy inks. • Ages 2 + • MSRP: $27.99

Air Storm Zip-Bak Bow (Zing Toys) • Take aim with this long range bow that sends foam arrows flying over 95 feet. • This compact shooter transforms for firing with Power Swing technology-check the tech! • Ready, aim, fire as the bow arms pop open for extra action and added punch. • Soft foam Z-Arrows fly right on target and feature bounce-back action-catch them on the fly. • Ages: 8+ • MSRP: $19.99

FIRE FIGHTER WATERGUN (Carrera) • This ready-to-run, radio-controlled car shoots water up to 30 feet from its adjustable water gun. • It drives up to 12 mph, indoors and outdoors • Features flashing lights, a siren, and digital proportional steering. • Ages: 6+ • MSRP: $74.99 (and have seen for $44.99)

NERF SUPER SOAKER LIGHTNING STORM Water Blaster • Features innovative Power-Soak Technology. • The fully automatic NERF SUPER SOAKER LIGHTNING STORM water blaster boasts a range of 25 feet! • The LIGHTNING STORM is the only SUPER SOAKER blaster that comes with an enhanced 35 ounce capacity clip, which is interchangeable with other blasters within the NERF SUPER SOAKER line for quick refills. • Customize the NERF SUPER SOAKER LIGHTNING STORM water blaster with the detachable stock or the blast shield to stay dry during epic water battles. • Requires 4 batteries, not included. • Ages: 6+ • MSRP: $24.99

Y-Fliker (ATM sports) • The Y-Flikers' innovative three wheeled light is kid-powered! • It's cool side-to-side motion propels the scooter forward. • The Y-Flikers' fun carving and drifting action gives the rider an experience that is completely different compared to traditional kick scooters. • The convenient built-in hand brake offers a safe and easy way to stop. • Fun carving and drifting ride • Folding arm for easy travel & storage • Age: 5+ • MSRP: Y-Fliker 1 $119 and Y-Fliker 3 $129

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