Baby Born on Plane, Named for Airline

Who is your baby named for? You mother? Dad? A beloved aunt? Your airline carrier?

A woman who gave birth on an Emirates flight earlier this month reportedly did just that.

The woman was traveling on Emirates from Dubai to Manila when she went into early labor, according to Emirates 24-7. She gave birth on the plane, which was then diverted to Ho Chi Min City, the airline said in a statement. reported that the baby was born in the aircraft toilet and that "two Filipina nurses on the flight jumped out of their seats to assist in the mid-air delivery." They helped aspirate amniotic fluid from the baby's mouth, nose and ears.

The baby's mother was reportedly so grateful she named her baby boy EK, the Emirates' flight code.

The mother and baby were transferred to a hospital upon landing. The mother has been released from the hospital, but the baby remains in critical care, Gulf News reported.

EK is far from the first baby to be born mid-flight.

In April, a baby boy was born en route from Atlanta to Africa, with the help of a flight attendant. In 2011, a baby was born on Philippine Airlines en route from Manila to San Francisco. That baby, too, was a boy.

Also in 2011, a woman gave birth to a baby boy on an Alitalia flight from Milan to Paris.

Are we seeing a pattern here?