$1,200 Dish at New California Restaurant


What would you do if you sat down to try the new restaurant in town and noticed a $1,200 dish on the menu?

Some people may be a little discouraged, but what if that dish consisted of some of the finest caviar out there?

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A high-end Japanese restaurant, Katsu, has just opened in the northern California town of Los Gatos. First thing on the menu is a dish called the Decadence Staircase, featuring Russian Sevruga, Osetra, Golden Osetra caviar and premium Beluga caviar, descending along bamboo stairs.

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It also includes Pacific spiny lobster sashimi, Japanese Wagyu shabu shabu - and what better way to top it all off than with 24 karat gold leaves?

The restaurant's top chef and part owner, Chef Katsuhiko Hanamure, used his worldly experience in high-end kitchens and personal training by famed chef Nobuyuki Matsuhisa to craft the menu at Katsu.

"I would like to attract many different people who are craving high quality ingredients," he said.

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And for the prices they charge, there are definitely some high quantity ingredients imported from all over.

"Pricing is based on market supply and scarcity of products that are difficult and costly to import," said Derek Schuette, the restaurant's general manager.

Local resident Hida Baghbni said she was a little hesitant to attend the restaurant at first, but she said her experience at Katsu was incredible, with dishes that are hard to find in the United States.

"It was the real stuff, I was pretty impressed," she said. "The fish just melted in your mouth."

Los Gatos local Bob Dobkin heard a lot of hype about the new restaurant and showed up on opening night, but said he was not impressed with all the restaurant had to offer.

"First thing that greets you on the menu is a $1,200 plate, and that doesn't make you feel too comfortable," said Dobkin. "I wouldn't go back unless they cut their prices in half."

The menu also includes an item called Serendipity that includes Wagyu beef - American, Australian and Japanese - for $400.

Another pricey dish is the Japanese Kegoshima Prefecture Wagyu New York strip for $200.

Schuette said Los Gatos is an intimate, high-end community that has some of the greatest chefs in the world but it was lacking something.

He said Katsu was an opportunity to bring something new to the area for residents to explore and indulge in.

Another local, Mike Cooper said he's been to the restaurant a few times since they opened. He said he enjoyed it and recommended it for a younger, more upbeat crowd.

"It's great, very N.Y.C., L.A. vibe, great down tempo music that picked up a bit later," he said. "Hollywood is here!"

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