The Baby Mop Allows Your Newborn to Help With Housework

ABC News

Any parent of a newborn knows how hard it can be to keep the house clean. And since you can't stop a baby from crawling once it's on the move, this outfit was created to kill two birds with one stone.

The Baby Mop, a one-piece outfit with built-in mops on the arms and legs, lets your kids clean the floors as they crawl around getting their exercise.

The Baby Mop was inspired by a spoof of a Japanese commercial for a similar invention. The website decided to give the product a shot and is selling the onesie for $40.

"The idea was originally thought up in Japan in the late 90s. They have something called Chindogu, which are like useless inventions," Mike Parker,'s press officer, told "They had a book that came out about 10 years ago about 101 useless inventions. We've seen it, we've seen the fake commercial that floated around, and so we've been talking about using it as a real product for years. So we tried it, and put it on the site about six months ago, and it just went from there."

Parker said the feedback they've received has all been positive. But they have had negative comments regarding the idea behind the product.

"Some of the feedback right off the bat was, 'I can't believe you'd make a product like this.' We had some fun with the description, but it was all in good fun and joking," said Parker.

The website lists the top five reasons why you should purchase a Baby Mop:

  1. Teach your baby a strong work ethic early on in their life.
  2. Your baby will learn not to drop and waste food.
  3. Baby will get a nice workout, burn off energy, and do muscle toning. And sleep better too!
  4. Not having to clean your floors saves you time so you can spend it doing things you enjoy.
  5. Save lots of money on house cleaning costs.

When the company first posted the product online about six weeks ago, they were getting only a few orders a day. But with the help of social media, Parker says they're now receiving nearly 60 orders per day.

"I think it's going to do great through Christmas. It's a great gift," Parker said.

Similar products have been made for adults, such as slippers with microfiber soles to help sweep up hair, dust and dirt.