Marty Becker's Best Pet Products of 2012

From a terrarium for turtles to goggles, cake kits, speakers and more for dogs, this year had no shortage of new products to pamper your pets.

Veterinarian Marty Becker is always on the lookout for the hottest pet products and every year he polls 100 of the top professionals in the veterinary and pet fields to nominate their favorite new products.

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Becker visited " Good Morning America" today with a collection of animal friends to share his picks for the best pet products of 2012.

Get more info on Dr. Becker's picks below, and scroll all the way down for his Web-exclusive product picks.

1. Sleepypod Sidekick Bike Rack

This is a great idea if you like to ride a bike and want to take your pet along. What is unique about the Sleepypod model is that the rack attaches to the front tire, rather than the handlebars, making for a very smooth ride.

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Cost: $124.99

2. Thundershirt

This is a really popular product that fits snugly on your pet and applies gentle pressure to soothe your pal in stressful situations, like bad weather or a trip to the vet. What's new is that Thundershirts are now available for cats too, not just dogs. I recommend them for dogs or cats that get anxious or fearful by visiting the veterinarian and also for those with separation anxiety and noise phobias.

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Cost: $39.95

3. Sunbeam Pets Dog Treat Maker

People love to feed their pups goodies from the table, which is a no-no. With this dog treat maker, however, you can make special dog treats by just pouring in the batter and closing the lid. The maker comes with easy recipes and is a good way to make sure your pup is getting a safe treat.

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Cost: $89.99

4. Cat Crib

Cats love being in hammocks. With this product, cats get a good place to rest while staying off your furniture. The Crib can also help keep clutter down in your home by allowing you to get rid of the pet beds.

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Cost: $29.00

5. Go-Go Dog Pals

Keeping your dog fit isn't just about food, it's also about exercise. The Go-Go Dog Pal works with a dog's natural instinct to chase by using advanced remote control technology to lead your dog on a chase that provides active exercise without overextending you.

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Cost: $299.99

6. Green by Northmate

The Green is a tuft of grass that turns your pet's meal into a game. You put your pet's food into the "green" and then they have to play and tug to pull it out. This solves the problem of dogs gulping down their food, which causes them to eat too much or become gassy, or both. The Green is also dishwasher-safe.

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Cost: $34.99

Web Extra Products:

1. Activity Tracking by Tagg

Allowing owners to monitor their pets activity levels, Tagg's newest feature, Activity Tracking, is available as a free software upgrade to all current Tagg customers (and built in for all future customers). Detailed, easy-to-use charts provide a daily look at all of Fido's running, walking and snoozing to help owners and vets make educated decisions about activity and health.

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2. Double Down Dog Run

The Double Down Dog Run allows two dogs to safely play and roam without the hassle of multiple ties getting tangled. This dog run is comprised of a spiral tie-out stake, a base plate, a tangle-free topper, hardware and 2- 20-foot UV vinyl coated dog tie-out leashes. Double Down Dog Runs are made of chew resistant, all weather plastics and metals that can be taken anywhere. Enjoy the double dog tie-out at home, on outdoor trips, in the park where there are leash laws and even get one for a play date!

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3. Litter Genie

Keeping homes fresh and free of unwanted odors, the Litter Genie disposal system allows pet owners to limit plastic bag use and daily trips to the trash, and instead simply lift the Litter Genie lid to dump soiled litter clumps. The system's five-layer refill bags with built-in odor barrier technology protect against odors and germs and its unique air-tight design helps keep smells in even when the lid is open.

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4. SlimCat™ Interactive Feeders by PetSafe

Providing cats with plenty of play and exercise while helping them maintain optimum weight, PetSafe SlimCat Interactive Feeders allow owners to fill the balls with portioned dry food for cats to get to by interactively rolling the ball. The BPA-free balls help improve cat's digestion by dispensing small proportions of kibble as they roll.

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5. EASOTIC Otic Suspension

Treating dog's ear infections fast and easily, EASOTIC Suspension is gentle on sensitive ears, and just one pump delivers an exact dose every time, in any position, without the hassle of counting drops.

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6. H-Leggings

Say no to the cone! H-Leggings, designed to not impede the animal's movement or daily activity, are a pair of interconnected breathable, reusable and flexible leggings the canine wears as a barrier over a veterinary-approved wound dressing, cast or irritation of the forelegs.

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7. Orastrip Quick Check Canine

A fast and easy way to check dogs for periodontal diseases, the Orastrip Quick Check Canine diagnostic test strip can be applied to saliva either on an awake dog or under anesthesia. The strip changes color when active periodontal disease is present.

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8. ROYAL CANIN Veterinary Diet® CALM

A new, vet-exclusive diet that gives "Keep Calm and Carry On" a whole new meaning for scaredy cats and dogs. Anxiety in pets is a common issue and this stress affects a pet's ability to adapt and can lead to undesirable behavior such as destructiveness, urination, and digestive upset, among others. Royal Canin's CALM food is the first complete and balanced diet to help cats and dogs maintain emotional balance. CALM includes 3 unique calming nutrients to relieve stress and anxiety without the use of medication.

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