'Ace of Cakes' Creates Inauguration Cake

ABC News' Dan Kloeffler and Lauren Torrisi report:

With a ton of high-profile clients, Duff Goldman's Charm City Cakes is used to filling some pretty tall orders. But an order from the Presidential Inaugural Committee for Barack Obama's second swearing-in really took the cake.

"Nothing compares," said Mary Alice Yeskey, marketing director of Charm City Cakes. "Over-the-moon is an understatment."

Creating a cake for the Commander-in-Chief Ball, the bakers drew inspiration from the military.

"The point of this event was to honor the military and that gave us sort of this great jumping off point," said Yeskey.

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"The main challenge was finding the right balance of respect and, you know, sincerity…and I think we're going to strike just the right balance."

(Image credit: charmcitycakes/Instagram)

The bakery Tweeted a sneak peak of the one of the cake's decorations yesterday, along with a hint: "Stars. Also, there will be stripes."

Four flavors, separated by a Swiss butter cream frosting, are included in the 9-tier cake: red velvet, lemon poppy seed, pumpkin chocolate chip and pineapple coconut.

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Yeskey estimates the cake, reaching up to 4 feet, weighs 40-50 pounds.

"It's not the kind of thing you bring into the room assembled at all," she said, adding, "I'm very grateful I'm not delivering this cake."

(Image credit: charmcitycakes/Instagram)

But what if there is a cake emergency?

"Our delivery folks are very skilled, they have kits - it looks almost like a medic kit - so if anything goes wrong they have everything in there that they would need to fix. But we're banking that this cake is going to make it down to D.C. a-okay."

Charm City Cakes was featured on "Ace of Cakes" on The Food Network for 10 seasons, before going off the air in 2011.