2-Year-Old 'Bedtime Bandit' Captured on Camera

When you want a unicorn pet pillow, you want a unicorn pet pillow. And when the door to your sister's bedroom is locked to keep you from said pet pillow, you figure out a way to get in.

That's the case of Kyle Moser, the 2-year-old "bedtime bandit" whose nighttime escapades have taken the Internet by storm.

Kyle was caught in the act by his parents, Joann and Mike Moser, who set up a nighttime sting after their 8-year-old daughter told them her little brother was stealing things from her room at night.

"My daughter came in one day and told us that he kept taking stuff out of her room and I said, 'Well, lock your door. That will stop him,'" Joanne Moser told ABCNews.com. "A couple of nights later, she came in and said he had broken into her door.

"We were pretty skeptical," Moser said of the thought that their 2-year-old could figure out a way to break in. "But she said, 'Yes, I'm sure.'"

The Utah family, who have another son, Nick, 5, set up a video camera over the course of a few nights and watched as their son made attempt after attempt to nab what his mom calls his "biggest goal," the unicorn pillow pet.

Kyle's moment of success was captured on camera and in a YouTube video posted by the Mosers, titled "2 yr old Bedtime Bandit," and set to the dramatic music of "In the Hall of the Mountain King," by Edvard Grieg.

It wasn't Kyle's success that surprised the Mosers most but their son's MacGyver-like brilliance in using fingernail clippers to break the lock.

"Kyle has always been one to fiddle things and try to see how things works," Moser said. "We were impressed that he found the fingernail clippers in his room, flipped them open and used those to open the door."

The next day the Mosers sat down with Kyle for a lesson on not unlocking doors, and in the genuine innocence of a 2-year-old, Kyle got it.

"He said, 'OK, and went about his business," she said. "He hasn't done it since."

As for the "victim" in all of this, Kyle's sister, Andrea, she told her parents, "I told you so," and then gave props to her little brother.

"She was pretty excited we had caught him in the video and she was pretty proud of her brother, actually," Moser said.