Chipotle Adding Margaritas to the Menu

(Image Credit: Chipotle)

Starting at the end of the month, you will be able to wash down that Chipotle burrito with a margarita. Nine-hundred Chipotle restaurants will begin serving margaritas April 29.

Recipes for National Margarita Day

"Many people are not aware, but we have served margaritas at Chipotle from the beginning," Chipotle chief marketing adviser Mark Crumpacker said in a statement. "Previously, however, they were made using a margarita mix and we didn't feel they were as delicious as they could be. Our new margarita recipe eliminates the mix in favor of a few simple ingredients."

The new 240-calorie drinks will be made with Patron, triple sec, lemon and lime juices and agave. They will be served on the rocks with a lime wedge and made to order. The prices vary by market but the new drink should cost about $6.50 to $8.

McDonald's and Chipotle Add Menu Items

A Sauza margarita will be served as the house option and made with the same ingredients but at a lower price, around $5. The drinks are available to customers ages 21 and over.