Survey Reveals Adulterers' Favorite Restaurants

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If you have a date scheduled for Wednesday night before 6:30 p.m., a not-so-serious survey from might persuade you to reschedule.

The extramarital dating site surveyed 42,890 of their users around the country via email to find out where and when they would prefer to take their "other" significant other on a date. Ashley Madison bills itself as "the world's leading married dating service for discreet encounters."

After success with other polls from their site, founder and CEO Noel Biderman wanted to look at "What is the prelude to a potential affair?" he told ABC News. "We wanted to ask those questions."

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Food choice, ranked number four in importance, wasn't a significant factor. Instead, location was the most important with the majority of members choosing to eat at chain restaurants at least 20-30 miles from their home. Discreet atmosphere and romantic setting were important factors in the restaurant decision process.

Early Wednesday dinners before 6:30 were the most preferred date and time. The average female user on the site is 34 years old, while the average male is 41.

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"I was betting it was all going to be hotel restaurants and bars. I would never think before an affair to down a steak myself," said Biderman.

National chains prevailed around the country. Morton's Steakhouse topped the list, with Ruth's Chris and Houston's following second and third. Red Lobster and Fleming's were the least popular of the list.

New Yorkers chose high-priced restaurants near Times Square when it came to their favorite local restaurants to take an affair partner. Blue Fin, Morton's and Cipriani's topped the list with entrees reaching $39 and above.

Dubbed by Biderman as the "midtown phenomenon," this was a trend they saw throughout the country.

Logistically, they found that users chose a centralized location to decrease the odds their date wouldn't show.