10 Money-Saving Hair Secrets

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Good hair doesn't cost big bucks, says Ilona Shine, master colorist at Shin Salon in Santa Monica, Calif., and a 15-year industry veteran.

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Shine says some hair products maintain the health and integrity of your hair and are worth a splurge, but many others are gimmicks and marketing schemes.

Stylists earn large commissions on every bottle of shampoo and conditioner they recommend and you buy, Shine says. "Most stylists don't know exactly what the product does and how that will react to your particular hair color or hair type," so some customers get duped, she says.

Here are Shine's top-10 tips to have good-looking, healthy hair without breaking the bank.

  1. When using a blow dryer, flat iron or curling iron, use the medium setting to prevent damage and drying of the hair shaft. Weak hair can lose elasticity and will eventually break.
  2. Install a water filter on your shower nozzle. Minerals in water cause brassiness in blondes and redheads. Purifying water makes a beautiful difference in your hair and your skin.
  3. All kinds of stressors can trigger hair loss. Take a multi-vitamin rich in proteins (marine complex), biotin, silica and vitamin C to help your mane grow thicker and shinier.
  4. Piling hair on top of your head with a soft hair tie will add volume in the morning. Use something soft to pull hair up to avoid crimping and kinking.
  5. Wear hats or UV protection on your hair to prevent color fading and other damage. This will keep you out of the salon for moisturizing treatments, saving money!
  6. Brunettes and redheads who get their hair colored must use color-protecting shampoo so they keep their color. You will have to get your hair colored less often if you take care of your color.
  7. Use a mask - chosen for your hair type - once a week to treat dry ends, especially in summer.
  8. Coconut oil is a cheap and effective way to strengthen your hair. Unlike many products sold in high-end salons that sit on top of the follicle, coconut oil penetrates the hair and is absorbed, strengthening and moisturizing your hair.
  9. If you have fine hair, use leave-in conditioner. If you have thicker hair, use rinse-out conditioner.
  10. Spend money on shampoo that helps maintain your color, not on a clarifying shampoo. All clarifying shampoos do the same thing.
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