Brits, Colombians Top List of Sexiest Nationalities

(Image Credit: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images)

Call it the Sofia Vergara effect. Colombian women top the list of the world's sexiest nationalities, according to a new survey, with one in four U.S. men claiming it as the favorite country when it comes to the ladies.

The unscientific, online survey of 44,000 single Americans conducted by travel dating website found U.S. women don't share the penchant for Latin culture. British men came out on top of the list of the world's sexiest, with one in five U.S. women claiming them as the top pick.

Sexiest Nationalities for Women: (based on preferences of 13,259 U.S. Men)

1. Colombian 2. Brazilian 3. American 4. Spanish 5. Russian 6. Dutch 7. French 8. Bulgarian 9. Swedish 10. Italian

Sexiest Nationalities for Men: (based on preferences of 30,741 U.S. women)

1. British 2. Irish 3. Brazilian 4. Swedish 5. American 6. Spanish 7. Scottish 8. French 9. Greek 10. Puerto Rican

The nationality poll also asked men and women to rank which features determined attractiveness when dating abroad, with 34 percent of men ranking "body type" above all other qualities and 47 percent of women ranking "accent" as the top quality. Other qualities included culture, style and physical appearance.

Both sexes rated "physical appearance" as the third most important quality to determine attractiveness.

"Considering Americans didn't top either list, one could to deduce that the melting pot doesn't provide enough variety as we crave," Brandon Wade, founder and CEO of, said. "It's like eating bread all your life, and then one day someone slips you a piece of cake, and then you discover a whole new world of baked goods that you didn't even know existed."