24k Gold Latest in Lash Luxury

Barney's is selling 24 Carat gold eyelashes on their website, Barneys.com.

File under: Things you didn't know you wanted but now can't live without.

And at $295, they're certainly not cheap - but nor are they as expensive as one might guess when you sport 'em on your peepers. The gold lashes, made by Kre-at Beauty and sold exclusively at Barney's New York, are according to the website, "artisan hand foiled eyelash in 24 karat gold."

Since they debuted, the luxury lashes have been "doing well," Kre-at founder Taylor Babaian said. "I created them more as art pieces," she said, adding that she's "gratefully surprised" by their popularity.

"Celebrities, makeup artists and all around makeup junkies are buying them," Babaian said.

Also on sale: Diamond Half Lashes: 0.2 karats of diamonds hand set on 18K gold. Those will set you back $1,350.

The gold lashes combines two fashion trends: the quest for lush, long lashes and the desire of the fashion industry to dip everything in gold. Have you seen the 24 karat gold shoes by Alberto Moretti? They're made from velvet, covered in gold, and will cost about $2,600 when they go on sale in September. You can buy them, at, you guessed it: Barney's.