4-Year-Old Dorset, Minn., Mayor Seeks Re-Election

The 4-year-old mayor of Dorset, Minn., is seeking re-election, and he has three weeks to make his case.

"I do a good job of being it," Bobby Tufts said by phone from day care today when asked why we wants to be re-elected.

His campaign strategy: "I pass out cards."

Among his favorite mayoral activities are "eating ice cream, petting dogs and eating at the Dorset house [general store]," he said, before ending the interview.

(Image Credit: The Associated Press)

Dorset, which fancies itself the restaurant capital of the world, according to its website, holds its annual "Taste of Dorset" festival on the first Sunday of every August. But the new mayor is also elected at the festival, with the name of the victor getting pulled from a hat.

Candidates, who can live anywhere, only need to enter their name, address, phone number and pay a $1 fee. Anyone - and anything - is eligible for the unpaid position, even preschoolers. Someone once entered a dog.

Bobby won last year, at the age of 3, and his ceremonial role as head of the town has turned him into a national sensation. There are no official duties because the town of about 20 people was incorporated into the town of Park Rapids after it lost its post office when ZIP codes were created.

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Bobby's mother, Emma, told "Good Morning America" in May that she was not sure whether her son would seek re-election.

The hesitation has apparently disappeared.

"He is running a fierce re-election campaign," Kathleen Schmidt, owner of the Dorset General Store and La Pasta Eatery, told ABC News. "He has posters all over the place."

Emma Tufts told ABC News her son decided to run for re-election in mid-June after a resident asked him about his future plans.

Schmidt said, "He got it in his head that that's what he was going to do. We had to change our gears."

Tami Fairbanks, a family friend, told ABC News she created business cards for Bobby as part of his campaign that include a picture of the incumbent with his girlfriend, Sophie.

Bobby's run as mayor has been well received, and he has a strong backing for a second run.

"Most of us are pushing for Robert because he is so cute," Schmidt said.