I Do, Again: More Couples Opting for Multiple Ceremonies

ABC News' Natasha Singh reports:

Whether it's to accommodate different religions, different geographical locations or just different style ceremonies, an increasing number of couples are opting to say more than one set of "I Do's."

One of the hottest trends when it comes to weddings, first reported in the Wall Street Journal, is for nearly-weds to plan for multiple wedding ceremonies.

Monisha Akhoury, 34, of New York City, needed four wedding dresses for three different wedding ceremonies at three different venues, two in California and one in New Jersey.

With a dress budget of $15,000, she said 'Yes' to three of the four dresses on TLC's show, "Say Yes to the Dress."

"The idea of couples having more than one wedding is out there," Anja Winikka, site director for TheKnot.com, told ABC News. "There are often families with very different ideas with what a wedding should look like, and so that's what it comes to. A couple has to decide, 'Am I going to do it my way?' or 'Am I going to do another wedding and please the rest of my family?'"

Chris Fava popped the question to Akhoury last March, but they quickly learned weddings are not just about what the bride and groom want.

"It was about families," Akhoury explained. "I never thought it was going to be three ceremonies, but because of all the different wants of people, it ended up just naturally occurring like that."

Fava, 32, admits he was a bit overwhelmed, but says, "I just went with it."

With different cultural and religious backgrounds, their East-meets-West tri-wedding including a traditional Hindu ceremony, a church wedding and a personalized intimate wedding in a vineyard.

But for a lot of brides and grooms, doubling or tripling the planning can mean double or triple the headache.

"You have to have the party planner in you, and you have to have the ability to handle stress," Akhoury said. "There's a lot of pressure. I think you really do have to have the personality for it. I wouldn't recommend it for everybody."

This is something to consider for those thinking about making multiple trips down the aisle.

"If you want to have more than one wedding, no matter how you splice and dice it, you're going to end up spending more money," said Winikka. "You're going to want to budget for that."

As for Akhoury and Fava, they managed to tie the knot three times, all while staying within their one budget.

"It is an extravagant thing to do, but it was done for the best intentions," Akhoury said. "It was done to make everybody in our family happy, and we accomplished that."