LEGO Offers Box of Bricks for Adults

Admit it. As an adult, you continue to play with those famous colorful bricks called LEGOs. You can now unashamedly continue to relive your childhood with the brand's newest creation, LEGO Architecture Studio, actually aimed at adults.

"The LEGO brick is so much more than just a toy, and has evolved to become a very credible and versatile art and design medium," Michael McNally, brand relations director for LEGO tells ABC News, "We don't believe that people ever outgrow a need to play."

For just under $150, the set provides 1,200 all-white LEGOs with 73 different pieces along with a book filled with architecture designs and building tips.

The new adult LEGOs are labeled for ages 16 and up and are aimed at "future architects and architecture fans." This builds on the pre existing LEGOs that allow builders to recreate LEGO models of famous landmarks such as the White House and the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

"A new extension to this collection is LEGO Architecture Studio, the first design toolkit that gives architecture fans and enthusiasts the opportunity to create their own architectural masterpieces from a monochromatic palette," according to McNally.

This new line was unveiled in Barnes and Noble's across the nation on Sunday and is set to release everywhere August 1 st.