Man Gives $500 Tips as Brother's Last Wish

A man's dying wish for an act of unexpected kindness has blossomed into a year's worth of donations and giving on his behalf.

A year ago, Seth Collins and his parents began a mission to fulfill the dying wish of Aaron Collins - Seth's younger brother - to leave a stranger a $500 tip. After the video for the first tip went viral, money from donors started pouring in for Seth Collins to do it again. And the one-time act of kindness developed into something much more.

One unsuspecting server at Thre3e Wise Men Brewing Company in Indianapolis received a $500 tip Monday afternoon, the 54th tip given in Aaron's memory.

"It couldn't have come at a better time in my life," server Beth Foster told ABC News' Indianapolis, affiliate WRTV. "I'm a teacher just looking for a job and it's kind of hard right now."

Seth Collins has collected $60,000, and plans to travel to all 50 states and give out a $500 tip each week until the money is gone. Indiana was the 17th state Seth has traveled to as part of his mission. Seth chronicles each tip on a blog dedicated to Aaron's memory.

"It never gets old. I knew about the third one that it was never going to get old," Seth Collins said.

ABC News