Blind and Deaf Dogs 'Watch Out for One Another'

Two dogs - one deaf and the other blind - are taking a cue from the 80s flick "See No Evil, Hear No Evil," acting as each other's eyes and ears.

Canine besties Eve and Dillon met in a Bear Valley, Calif., dog shelter. Eve, a deaf Catahoula Leopard Dog mix, had been found by a postman on Christmas Eve, nearly frozen in a snow drift. Dillon, a blind Border Collie cross, was dropped off at a kennel and never picked up.

Dillon and Eve act as each others eyes and ears. (Image credit: Zach Skow/Caters News Agency)

"I thought their disabilities would have pushed them farther apart," Zach Skow, executive director of Marley's Mutts shelter, told ABC affiliate KERO. "But for some reason, right off the bat they just clicked."

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The dogs work together, just like Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor in the cult classic about unlikely friends forced to guide each other through a string of slapstick-riddled scenarios.

"They are perfect for one another in the way they watch out for one another," said Skow. "Each has never been more at ease than when they are together."

Marley's Mutts took to Facebook to find the four-legged a permanent home together - a tall order for two disabled pups.

"Let's face it, disabilities in the canine world are very misunderstood," said Skow.

But local mom Shelley Scudder saw the post and couldn't resist.

"A co-worker of mine showed me a picture of Eve and by the fourth day I said 'OK, I've got to meet this dog,'" said Scudder, who fell in love with the pair and decided to bring them home. "I think they're going to enjoy their lives together here."