Trending Now: Spaghetti Gelato

It's a strange sight in a gelateria, a bowl of what looks exactly like spaghetti. But it's no joke, in fact, it's a new desert. It's called Spaghetti Gelato, or Spaghetti Eis in German. Why in German? Because it's actually a famous German desert.

Dolce Gelateria in the West Village is the first shop in New York City serving this traditional German delight. Salvatore Potestio, the owner of the shop thought it was a cool idea.

"I'm Italian, I love food, I love desert, what's not to like?" he jokes. Well for starters, it looks kind of funny.

Spaghetti Gelato comes from Mannheim, Germany. Dario Fontenella was an Italian ice cream maker living in Germany in1969 when he came up with the idea, and it stuck. Today, you can go into most any ice cream shop in Germany and get this famous desert.

"It's made with vanilla gelato, so the gelato looks like spaghetti. We put it into a potato ricer, push down and it comes out looking just like spaghetti," explains Potestio. And he's right. During a demonstration, gelato goes in, spaghetti comes out.

"For sauces, we've got two: a marinara sauce and a vodka sauce. The marinara sauce is made out of strawberries, blueberries and raspberries, and the vodka sauce is fresh mango and strawberries."

Not a sentence you're quite used to hearing but it works. The sauces look like a typical pasta sauce and it seems, what you end up with, is just a cool-looking sundae.

It's an easy desert to make at home and for extra credit, you can add shaved white chocolate or coconut to mimic Parmesan cheese and a scoop of chocolate for meatballs.