Art Director Creates Witty 'Roommate Ad' to Find New Home in San Francisco

Credit: Twitter/LoTwirls

They say you shouldn't mix work with pleasure, but in Lauren Fahey's case, the combination couldn't have worked out better.

Fahey, an art director for a social media company, used her professional design expertise to create a hilarious "Wanted Ad" looking for exceptional roommates to live with upon her recent move From New York City to San Francisco.

"I heard it would be hard to find a place to live but I didn't think it would be this hard," Fahey, 28, told "I wasn't really getting anywhere and I was starting to get nervous. So I thought I'd get creative."

The clever ad contains reviews by Fahey's real-life former roommates and close friends, adding perspective into the type of person she is to hopefully help seal the deal for future promising candidates.

"I reached out to friends and old roommates asking them to please write something short about their experiences with me, and the responses were actually really great," said Fahey. "I have a really good circle of friends back east. Obviously I don't' have as many friends out here, but I wanted to show I do have friends and that I'm normal, and it worked out well."

Once she posted the completed advertisement on Criagslist, she was immediately flooded with offers.

"I'd say probably about 100 in the first few days," said Fahey.

She has now happily been living with two other girls for about a week and a half and highly recommends her "roommate ad" approach to others.

"Absolutely," she said. "The market here is so difficult. I really think you have to do something like this to even get anywhere. The other day I saw someone had posted a spot on their couch for $1,700 … to sleep on their couch in a studio. It's ridiculous."

Her newfound friends and roommates were so excited to take her on board they even surprised her with a snazzy "welcome" sign when she arrived.