3 Tips to Help You Stick to Your Grocery Budget

ABC News' Paula Faris reports:

In Dana White's Dallas kitchen, there's a lot of frozen chicken, a lot of cereal and a lot of worry that groceries are eating away at the family's budget.

"Cereal is very expensive," White told ABC News. "My grocery budget is going up and up."

White, a blogger at ASlobComesClean.com, said she tried to watch for sales but frequently spent more than the $500 monthly budget to feed her family - husband Bob and children Jackson, 11; Reid, 10; and Presley, 7.

And when it comes to clipping coupons, White said it took too much time - something she doesn't have.

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Joanna Stern, ABC News technology editor, said the Whites didn't need time or stacks of clipped coupons to save big money. She shared these supermarket shopping suggestions:

1. Log onto coupon websites like Lozo, Grocery iQ and RetailMeNot. Type in your grocery list and your zip code and the website finds instant savings that you can then print out.

Stern was able to find discounts on every single item on White's list, including $15 in the frozen food section.

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"Oh my word! That's so cool," White said. "That's huge. Just to be able to say this is what I want and then it's just gonna figure out what coupons I can use and just have all those ready for me."

2. Use websites like KitchMe, which suggest recipes based on what's on sale that week-saving you time and money.

3. Get paid paid for shopping with apps like Ibotta that pay you cash for watching ads or answering questionnaires about products you buy.

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With these tips, Stern showed White how she could save $160 this month at the local grocery store.