Couple's Epic Wedding Cake Cutting Fail Caught on Camera

Courtesy Tom Hall Photography

It's her party and she could cry if she wanted to, but despite her destroyed, toppled-over cake cutting disaster, Australian bride Amanda Arbuckle kept her elegant composure.

"Their attitudes were so wonderful on the day in spite of this nightmarish experience," the couple's wedding photographer, Tom Hall, wrote to

When Arbuckle and her new husband, Ken, wed on Nov. 8 in Queensland, Australia, they never expected their beautiful day to end with such a bittersweet surprise.

"The unthinkable happened," Hall explained on his website of the delectable disaster. "There was a universal gasp that would've been heard from down the road. Then there was a deafening silence as I'm sure many people in that room were waiting to see what Ken and Amanda's reaction would be, but they kept it together beautifully!"

Although the cake was destroyed, the moment the newlyweds saw their failed moment on camera, "Amazingly," Hall said, "They giggled."

The photo perfectly capturing the bride and groom's candid expressions the second the cake is mid-air has already garnered more than 8,600 likes on Hall's professional Facebook page.