Fastest Flying Woman in the World

ABC News' Melissa Lustrin reports:

Blond-haired, blue-eyed Ellen Brennan is your typical girl next door, except the 26-year-old New York native jumps off mountains for a living.

And this daredevil is most definitely at the top of her game, having recently been named the world's fastest flying woman.

The world's fastest flying woman, Ellen Brennan, comments on Facebook, "I like to jump, and I like to go fast :)." ellen.brennan.73/Facebook

"Most people think I'm crazy," Brennan, who gave up a career in nursing to pursue this high-flying profession, told ABC News. "Currently, this is like my full-time job."

But her commute is anything but typical. Fitted with a wingsuit, Brennan soars at speeds up to 112 miles per hour, more than 1,000 feet in the air.

"It's like this magical moment and this feeling that you get," she explained. "The bigger the mountain, the better."

Courtesy Ellen Brennan

And while she may have her head in the clouds, Brennan is no airhead. She says each maneuver she makes is carefully calculated to glide between those jagged mountain sides and not into them. The rush, she says, is the ultimate high.

"If I'm not jumping, I'm plotting my next jump that I want to do," said Brennan, who moved to Sallanches, France, because that's where the best wingsuit jumping cliffs are located.

She was the only woman to compete at this year's World Wingsuit League Championships, and now she says she's looking to take her career to new heights.

"It's been a recent project of mine to go places that haven't been jumped," she said. "This is my new goal, my new thing that keeps me going."